Surgery, Blinking, and Other Things

Happy Matilda Monday!

Not too much is new in Matilda's world. Her eyes are the same. It's super hot, so like most cats, Matilda is spending most of her time sleeping the heat away. We have had a lot of questions lately along the lines of "When will she get the surgery?"  and "Can she close her eyes?" so maybe today is a good day to clear that up.

Matilda will have surgery if and when her doctor thinks it's the right thing for her. As of right now, she doesn't believe it will be beneficial. A lot of speculation arose out of the GoFundMe campaign that we set up for her. This was for Matilda's eye treatments, and not necessarily surgery. The money is set aside in a special Matilda fund. We use it for her regular visits to the veterinary ophthalmologist (which are quite pricey!) and any medicine that is prescribed. Currently, Matilda uses a corneal lubricant to help her keep those big eyes comfortable. They are largely just a precaution, since Matilda doesn't show any signs of being uncomfortable in the first place. This is given to her as eyedrops. It is not a pain medication; it is a simple lubricant.

Which leads us into our next topic. Can Matilda blink? Yes, she can! When she is resting her eyes are usually nearly closed, but not completely. When she gives herself a bath, she uses her paws and rubs her eyelids around on her eyes, which is likely an adaptive behaviour for how her eyes are shaped. She will, however, blink her eyes all the way closed sometimes, and will sometimes sleep with them completely closed. Even when she was small and had small eyes, she often kept them partially open while sleeping. We're not sure if it's because her eyes have always been odd or if it's just the way she is. Either way, she is quite comfortable and happy and her doctor does not believe that she is in any pain. If she were, those eyes would come out immediately, and we'd do our best to manage the healing process, no matter how tough.

After the incredible success of Matilda's fundraiser, we realized two things. 1. People love to help animals like Matilda, and 2. It's a very scary and sad position to be in when you can't afford the unexpected medical care that your pet needs. With these things in mind, we created Matilda's webshop to address both of those issues.

The simple idea behind selling Matilda merchandise is this: buy a product, help an animal in need. When you make a purchase in her store, you get an awesome shirt or mug or whatever to rock, and a portion of those proceeds go to our chosen charity - Paws for Hope. The work they do is close to our heart because they financially assist those who can't afford to get veterinary help for their pets. We think that's awesome. So for those naysayers out there that say we're exploiting Matilda, it simply isn't true. Matilda is as happy and as healthy as she can be, and if she can raise some money to help other animals just by being her cute self, then that's what she's going to do!

If the day comes that Matilda needs surgery, the money from her GoFundMe campaign will not be enough. The extremely modest profits that come from her webshop go towards those savings.

And that's really all there is to that!

P.S. This reminds us, enjoy 15% off of all items starting tomorrow (August 4) until August 11 when you use the code SAVE15.

Enjoy, and stay cool out there!