What a busy month!

It's no secret that Matilda has been completely busy for the past month. None of us would have imagined that her little Instagram would blow up the way it did! Anyway, it's time for an update.

Matilda's health is good! Her eyes and behaviour have not changed since she last saw her doctor, so no news on that front. She has some new eyedrops to help her lubricate the corneas which she seems to like... once they're in. The bottle makes a noise when the drops are dispensed which she very quickly learned means drops are coming, and she freaks out. But when they go in there's no reaction and she seems quite happy. Maybe this is leftover from her old drops that didn't feel so good? Hopefully she will learn that drops = nice and will stop struggling soon.

In other news, Matilda will be making an appearance in the CFHS Cats & Bros 2016 calendar along with The Bearded Man! We are so excited to work with CFHS and extremely proud of the $563 we raised for the Cats and Bros campaign. This means that we may have helped 563 cats, and the idea of that gives us so much joy. Stay tuned to see Matilda's photoshoot!