Great news!

We had some wonderful news today. Matilda went to see the veterinary ophthalmologist to have a check-up. Remarkably, the pressures in her eyes came back completely within the normal range! (For you scientists out there, the left eye was 22 mmHg and the right was 18 mmHg. Normal is 15-25 mmHg).

The doctor took several readings and did many tests, and concluded that the lenses have settled behind the iris, and are two shrivelled little crunchy bits just hanging out back there. This may sound bad, but it's actually news that we were hoping for! Because they are behind the iris, they can't do her any harm. They won't get lodged in the pupil or anything like that. They can just chill, causing her no problems. Hooray!

This means that the lens removal surgery will not be necessary - ever! This is a relief because it is the more expensive of the two surgery options presented when her problem was developing.

As far as removing the eyes goes, that day could still be ahead of her, mainly because we don't know what will happen if the eyes keep growing as they are. The danger is if they tear. In that instance Matilda could find herself in trouble and emergency surgery or enucleation would be necessary.

But let's focus on the positive - they may not tear at all. In this case Matilda can just keep taking her eyedrops to keep her crazy eyes working as well as they can for as long as they can. There is an option to change the eyelids so that they don't open as far so that she can continue to be able to blink and wet them, but that also is not necessary at this point in time.

A very great day for Matilda! Thank you to everyone who has shown such wonderful support, and for you generous, beautiful souls who have given to Matilda's gofundme so that the resources will be there when she needs them.